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Hi, we're Den

We make smart, simple, human devices that think and care about you everyday. To begin with, we’re transforming the way people use light switches and plug sockets around the world. We’ll always strive to make your life a tad easier – and the earth a tad greener.

Family in living room
  1. Yasser and brother

    The idea

    One night, whilst studying for his GCSEs, Yasser our CEO came up with the idea for Den because he didn't want to get out of bed to turn the light off.

  2. Yasser Khattak with DesignWorks


    At 17, Yasser worked closely with a studio called DesignWorks to build a demo rig that he could show to media and investors.

  3. Apartment

    Yasser dropped out of his A levels to focus full time on building Den from his student accommodation.

  4. Yasser Khattak Bloomberg

    It's happening

    In 2016, Den received international publicity from the likes of Bloomberg TV, Sky News, Financial Times, The Guardian, BBC and many more. We also raised over £1.2m in funding, and built a team of some of the smartest and creative engineers to craft our products for the world.

  5. Using the Den app

    Product launch

    We’re currently getting prepared to launch our products to serve millions around the world. We will be launching products onto the market soon.

We want to start out right


We love our planet

Our mission has always been to create products for the world that are both intelligent and considerate of our environment. We want to create a more energy efficient world and through the work we do at Den, we truly believe that we can make this a reality.


Meet our talented team

Over the last one year we have hand built a family who share the Den values. We've brought together some of the brightest minds, from all kinds of industries, that share our vision and are committed to the Den cause.

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Yasser Khattak
Yasser Khattak
Bob Watkins - MD of Den
Bob Watkins
Omer Kilic
Omer Kilic
Ian Dera
Ian Dera
Industrial Designer
Simon Patel
Simon Patel
UI/UX Designer
Ivan Ianoco
Ivan Ianoco
Fireware Engineer
Mijin Cho
Mijin Cho
Software Engineer
Mustafa Yuce
Mustafa Yuce
Senior Electronics
Onno Van Der Neut
Onno Van Der Neut
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
Jakab Barna
Jakab Barna
Industrial Designer
Joanne Bloom - PA/Office Manager
Joanne Bloom
PA/Office Manager
Osman Rabiket - PHD RF Antenna Design Engineer
Osman Rakibet
RF & Antenna Design Engineer
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