Light your way

Our Motion Sensors automatically turn on the lights when you walk (or tiptoe) past them.

Den Motion Sensor

Motion sensor attached to the ceiling

Well connected

Our Motion Sensors are so simple, you can set them up in minutes all by yourself. And you can be confident they’ll always keep an eye out for you too.

Den lights your way

Light up your life

Our Motion Sensors are great for landings, hallways and bathrooms. But they’re also perfect for rooms you don’t go into much. Turn spooky attics and basements into not-so-spooky ones.

A watchful eye

A watchful eye

Not at home? Well, get notifications sent to your smartphone if your sensor detects any movement in your house. It’s like a security guard that never nods off.

Technical Specification

Dimensions (mm)
H 52 W 52 D 28
PC/ABS Plastic
Power Source
1 CR2 battery (included)
Wall mount included
Den Motion Sensor Front
Den Motion Sensor Side