Introducing Den, the next generation of light switches and plug sockets for all countries worldwide.
At Den we’ve reinvented the humble light switch and plug socket. You can still flick our switches on and off in the traditional way, however you also have the choice of being able to monitor and control them from your smartphone in awesomely clever ways.
Time for a change
Light switches and plug sockets were first introduced over a century ago, since then technology has advanced dramatically. Devices have become faster, smaller and more efficient, however switches have stayed the same. At Den we believe that over time switches will become more technologically orientated, this is where our products are setting the benchmark.
Made for all
Our mission wasn’t to develop a product that only the rich could afford. We want our products to be the next standard in your home or business. Providing everyone with convenient, simple to use, energy saving technology.



Help to reduce climate change
Energy is wasted all over the world, causing serious harm to the planet and the environment that we live in. In the UK alone this energy wastage equates to nearly 16% of the nation’s energy bill, in simple terms we’re wasting £1.3 billion in energy every year. Which is enough to power almost 2.5 million homes.
We’re taking action
We crafted our products with the intention of saving our environment, and saving you money. Our goal is to build a global solution for a cleaner future.
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